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Suit Filed Against U.P.S.

By The Ammons Law Firm |

On behalf of two Texas women (ages 31 and 28) and a toddler injured in a motor vehicle accident, Rob Ammons has filed suit against UPS and its employee. The lawsuit cites negligent operation of a UPS delivery van for causing the accident. On a summer afternoon, the women and child were stopped on… Read More »

Goodrich Tire Failure on Ford F250 Pickup Kills Retired Schoolteacher

By The Ammons Law Firm |

On a Texas highway, a 62-year-old retired schoolteacher was killed in a head-on collision. The collision occurred when the tread of a tire on an oncoming Ford F250 Super Duty pickup separated from its carcass, causing the vehicle’s driver to lose control, cross the highway’s center line and hit the woman’s SUV. The woman… Read More »

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Pays for Fatal Crash

By The Ammons Law Firm |

The Ammons Law Firm obtained compensation for a Texas woman whose 22 year old son was killed in a single-vehicle crash. The young man, on vacation with friends, was traveling as a rear seat passenger in a Toyota Sequoia when the tread peeled off the SUV’s left rear tire. The sudden tire disablement sent… Read More »

Tire Defect Attorney Rob Ammons Sues Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. After Tread Separation Causes Fatal Crash

By The Ammons Law Firm |

On behalf of the Estate and surviving mother and child of a 36-year-old Arizona woman killed in a rollover crash, the Ammons Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. The woman was the right front passenger in an Explorer traveling at highway speeds when the vehicle’s left rear tire… Read More »

Michelin and Ford Compensate Heirs of Rollover Victim

By The Ammons Law Firm |

The Ammons Law Firm has won compensation for the widow, children and parents of a 28 year old Texas man. The man died after the left rear tire on the Ford F150 he was driving failed through tread separation. After the sudden tire disablement, the Ford F150 pickup rolled over and its roof crushed,… Read More »

Product Defect Attorney Rob Ammons Concludes Suit Against Ford and Cooper Tire after Fatal Rollover

By The Ammons Law Firm |

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully concluded a wrongful death case against Ford and Cooper Tire on behalf of the wife, children and parents of a 39 year old Texas man killed in a rollover crash. The rollover occurred in Mexico when a rear tire — a Futura Adventurer — on the 2000 Ford… Read More »

Tire Defect Attorney Rob Ammons Files Suit Against Michelin After Tire Failure Causes Fatal Wreck

By The Ammons Law Firm |

A California man was killed and his son seriously injured when the catastrophic tire tread separation failure of a Michelin tire caused his vehicle to travel into the path of oncoming traffic. The tire was a Michelin LTX A/T2 designed and manufactured by Michelin North America, Inc. In the lawsuit brought on behalf of… Read More »

The Ammons Law Firm Files F250 Rollover Lawsuit Against Ford Motor Company

By The Ammons Law Firm |

In a lawsuit brought on behalf of a Texas man (age 25) who suffered a paralyzing spinal cord injury in a rollover crash. Rob Ammons blames several defects in the 2004 F250. The lawsuit claims the vehicle was not crashworthy because the driver’s seat belts failed to couple him to his seat, the roof… Read More »

Defective Product Attorney Rob Ammons Files Suit Against Chrysler After Fatal Crash

By The Ammons Law Firm |

On behalf of the surviving husband and children of a 51-year-old Texas woman, Rob Ammons has filed suit against Chrysler for defects in a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 alleged to have caused the woman’s death and serious injuries to a second occupant. The woman, who was the Ram’s driver, was killed. Her son, who… Read More »

The Importance of Replacing Tires Older than Six Years

By The Ammons Law Firm |

The National Transportation Safety Board will convene a symposium December 9-10 in Washington, D.C. to highlight the importance of tires to overall safety while on the road. Tires are one of the most important features of vehicles and are key in keeping all drivers on the roads safe. Many that drive cars do not… Read More »

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