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Big-O Tires is the second largest franchiser of tire retailers in North America. With over 280 franchises in 19 states, the company sells its own Big-O private brand tires and provides tire servicing and alignments.

In 2006 the company faced a substantial recall which affected nearly 3,000 tires. The tires were recalled for not having sufficient rubber coverage of the belt edge because of a low tread gauge in the shoulder slot section of the tire. In this condition, the base of the shoulder may eventually crack, which could expose the belt wire and lead to the expedited degradation of the belt.

When that occurs, the tread may become separated which could cause a driver to lose control and end up seriously injured or dead in an accident.

What Tire Was Affected?

The Big-O Tire affected was the LT185/75R16 Big “O” Tire Mesa C/T tire. Only certain tires in this model and size were recalled.

Is a Manufacturer Defect the Leading Cause of Tread Separation?

A number of tires over the past two decades have been recalled because they are experiencing “tread separations.” Tread separation can be due to a defect in design or poor manufacturing, which seems to be the case for the Big-O tires above. In some instances, there may have been an error in the chemical makeup during the manufacturing process which prevented the tread and steel belts from bonding correctly.

What to Do If the Manufacturer Is Responsible

If your tire is showing early or late signs of tread separation and the cause is related to a manufacturing defect, your first step is to contact the manufacturer immediately to report the defect and to discuss a free replacement.

It is also a good idea to report the defect to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This government agency keeps track of all reports and has the authority to enforce recalls.

Finding Help with Your Tire Defect Claim

The Ammons Law Firm has fought tirelessly against the legal teams of major tire manufacturers to secure fair compensation for the pain, suffering, and damages of victims of tire-related incidents throughout the United States. We offer free case assessments and will help you determine what the best course of action is for your claim.

Whether you have suffered a tire tread separation or been injured by another driver’s tire-related defects, The Ammons Law Firm will stand by you and defend your rights. Arrange for your complimentary consultation today by calling us at (713) 523-1606.


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