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Nissan Defect

In 2013, Nissan recalled well over 120,000 Altimas after the Japanese company came to believe that several of the vehicles contained a defective spare tire.

The vehicles in question were built between March 21 and March 26, 2013. Nissan was first made aware of the defect earlier that month when they received a dealer report stating that a spare tire had rapidly deflated when stored in one of their Altimas.

After an investigation into the issue, Nissan found that the spare tire inflation machine used at a plant in Canton, Mississippi was to blame. The machine had a malfunctioning pressure regulator which either over or under inflated certain spare tires.

Nissan Rectifies the Issue

In light of its findings, Nissan announced a recall of 123,308 Nissan Altimas built in 2013. The company inspected and adjusted spare tire pressure as necessary at no additional cost to the owners.

Those who are unsure if their vehicle is affected may contact Nissan or visit for more information.

If You Have Been Injured as a Result of a Defective Tire

Defective tires are responsible for a number of accidents on our highways and byways today. Rollovers, blowouts and “wobble” issues may be due to a defective part or component such as a poorly constructed or designed tire.

If you believe that a defective tire is to blame for your injuries, then you may have a product liability and/or personal injury claim. In these situations, a defective tire lawyer will help you determine the parties responsible for your pain and suffering. Those parties may include:

·   The manufacturer of the tire. Tire manufacturers are large companies backed by a team of highly paid defense attorneys.

·   The parts manufacturer. In the case of a defective tire, typically both the parts manufacturer and the manufacturer of the tire will be sued.

·   The car dealership/automotive supply shop/used car dealer. Whoever sold the vehicle or the defective tire may be liable, even if you were not the buyer but were injured because of the tire.

The Ammons Law Firm, LLP defends the rights of those injured due to tire defects across the United States. If you have been injured because of a tire-related issue, we welcome you to call us at (713) 523-1606 to arrange for a free consultation.

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