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Toyota Defect

A quick search on the World Wide Web reveals many consumers who have complaints about their tires on Toyota vehicles.

The Japanese company recalled certain Toyota Sienna Minivans (model years between 2004 and 2010) produced in Canada. They found that if the spare tire’s splash protector fails or is misplaced, the tire carrier assembly carrier may corrode and become less durable.

The recall included the additional installation of a water splash protector and an anti-rust agent being applied to reduce the effects of corrosion on the vehicle’s spare tire carrier.

Why Properly Reporting All Problems Is Important

A common complaint heard about tires on Toyota vehicles relates to the Yokohama tires that were originally installed on the Prius. There have been many complaints about various models of the vehicle, but many of these have not been made to official organizations that take these complaints seriously and will investigate these issues on your behalf.

Some of the leading organizations to submit a complaint to include:

·   Center for Auto Safety (CAS)

   o This organization will research auto issues and will hold the US government accountable for enforcing vehicle safety laws

·   National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

   o This American agency regularly conducts vehicle defect investigations


   o This free website is used by several law firms in uncovering dangerous trends in the automobile industry

If a product does not stand up to their rigorous testing and investigation, they can then demand that the product be recalled.

Reasons to Hire a Tire Defect Attorney

If you have been injured or have endured other damages because of a defective tire, it is important that you contact an attorney like Rob Ammons who specializes in protecting victims of defective tires.  An attorney will ensure that your rights are upheld and will present your case in a compelling way.

Suing a tire manufacturing company is no easy feat without expert legal handling. Tire manufacturers have experienced legal teams to back them up. Some victims may find themselves being unfairly compensated or losing their lawsuit because of a small issue that a knowledgeable tire defect attorney would have spotted and addressed.

To discuss your case with an expert tire defect attorney, we welcome you to call The Ammons Law Firm, LLP at (713) 523-1606.

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